Download Title Duration Venue Applicable to Deadline
Civil Defence Specialist Instructor (Casualty Service) Course No. C-119 18-07-2022 to 05-08-2022 FCDTS, Karachi Govt. Officers/Officials 24-06-2022
English Shorthand Theory Course for APSs, Stenotypists, UDCs, LDCs and Dependents of Government Servants 04-07-2022 to 28-10-2022 STI Govt. Officials 24-06-2022
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) 18-07-2022 to 29-07-2022 STI Govt. Officials 08-07-2022
Record Management 20-06-2022 to 25-06-2022 NAP Govt. Officers 31-05-2022
Duties and Responsibilities of Private Secretaries, Assistant Private Secretaries and Stenotypists 13-06-2022 to 18-06-2022 STI Govt. Officials 31-05-2022
Service Rules and Regulations 06-06-2022 to 11-06-2022 STI Govt. Officials 26-05-2022
Schedule of Training Programs for the month of May, 2022 May 2022 PMI Govt. Officers 15 days before commencement of training
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) 09-05-2022 to 20-05-2022 STI Govt. Officials 02-05-2022
Duties & Responsibilities, General Ethics, Manners & Behaviour of Drivers/DRs/Qasids/Daftris/Naib Qasid &Equivalents 23-05-2022 to 27-05-2022 STI Govt. Officials 09-05-2022
122nd Public Finance Managers Course (PEMC) 09-05-2022 to 04-07-2022 PAAA Govt. Officers 18-04-2022
62nd Proficiency Test in Shorthand and Typewriting May 2022 STI Govt. Officials 04-04-2022
Special Training Course on Manual for Development Govt. Officers
Logical Framework Analysis 28-03-2022 to 30-03-2022 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 21-03-2022
Training Programs for the Month of March 2022 March, 2022 PMI Govt. Officers
Part-Time Training Course on Communications Skills 04-04-2022 to 08-04-2022 STI Govt. Officers 28-03-2022
Running Effective Meetings PIDE Govt. Officers
Effective Utilization of Development Budget-Mandatory Training Course for All Project Directions PPMI Govt. Officers
Training Courses for 4th Quarter (April-June) 2021-2022 PPMI Govt. Officers
Impact of Globalization on Rural Economy of Pakistan 07-03-2022 to 09-03-2022 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 25-02-2022
Training Program for the month of February, 2022 PMI Govt. Officers 31-01-2022
Solid Waste Management for Clean and Green Environment 07-02-2022 to 11-02-2022 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 31-01-2022
4-Week English Typing and Computer Applications Course 01-02-2022 to 25-02-2022 STI Govt. Officials 21-01-2022