Mission statement

Contributing to the national economy through trade liberalization and facilitation, improving export competiveness and reducing cost of doing business. Aim to achieve higher market access for Pakistani products in existing markets as well as new markets with ultimate aim of improving quality of life of the people of Pakistan.

Charter of the Ministry

Under the Rules of Business 1973, Commerce Division is assigned the following functions:

  • Imports and exports across custom frontiers
  • Export promotion
  • Commercial intelligence and statistics
  • Tariff policy and its implementation
  • Anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties and safeguard laws
  • Inter-Provincial trade
  • Domestic Commerce
  • Organization and control of Chambers and trade associations
  • Law of Insurance and regulation and control of Insurance companies
  • Administrative Control of Attached Departments/Organizations
  • Selection of Trade Officers for posting in Pakistan’s Missions abroad

Objectives of Trade Policy

People centric : Poverty alleviation and employment generation through export led growth

Supply side

  • Value addition and Higher Unit Value (e.g.Yarn-Fabric-Textile Chain)
  • Coordination for Improvement of Infrastructure
  • Improving competitiveness through reduction in cost of doing business
  • Facilitating investment in manufacturing sector


  • Focus on Export Marketing
  • Better Commercial Intelligence
  • Trade diplomacy/market access
  • Diversification of export products and markets



Administrative, financial and budgetary affairs of main Ministry and affiliated organizations, trade offices abroad and administration of Commerce and Trade Group. PAC/DAC meetings, Insurance & related matters for all the organizations of the Ministry. Administration of three Governments owned insurance companies i.e. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, National Insurance Company Limited, Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited and dispensation of policy as well as legislative/ legal direction.

Foreign Trade

Trade diplomacy and market access initiatives.


Multilateral trade negotiations and compatibility of domestic laws with WTO laws.

Imports Wing

Formulation of Trade Policy in conjunction with other wings. Implementation of import policy initiatives.

Exports Wing

Formulation and Implementation of annual Trade Policy, jointly with the Imports Wing. Implementation of Export policy initiatives. TCP Affairs.

Ito Wing

Formulating, processing and monitoring of development projects of Ministry and affiliated organizations. Tabulations of Trade Statistics and Analysis based thereon.

Trade Organizations Wing

Registration, Monitoring and Supervision of all Trade Bodies in the country under the Trade Organization Law of 2007. Local trade fairs and exhibitions.