Download Title Duration Venue Applicable to Deadline
Training Courses at STI 29-12-2011….. STI Gov. Servants
Typing and Shorthand Courses at STI 23-12-2011….. STI Gov. Servants
Training Course on Installation of Operating System (Windows) and Software 19-12-2011 to 30-12-2011 STI Gov. Servants 12-12-2011
Computer Training Course on Desktop Application Development With Visual Basic 19-12-2011 to 23-12-2011 PMI Gov. Servants 14-12-2011
Training Course at Pakistan Planning and Management Institute PPMI Gov. Officers
Training Course at STI on Personal Administration and Service Laws/Rules & Communication Skills and Forms of Communication 12-12-2011 to 23-12-2011 & 26-12-2011 to 30-12-2011 STI Gov. Servants 05-12-2011
Training Course at STI on Duties & Responsibilities of PSs/PAs 05-12-2011 to 16-12-2011 STI Gov. Servants 25-11-2011
Training Course at STI 21-11-2011 to 02-12-2011 STI Gov. Servants 10-11-2011
Training Course at STI 27-10-2011 STI Gov. Servants 27-10-2011
Training Course at STI 17-10-2011-22-10-2011 STI Gov. Servants 05-10-2011
Database Building with MS-Access 10-10-2011-15-10-2011 PMI Gov. Servants 03-10-2011
Training Calendar for 2nd Quarter (Oct-Dec) 2011-12 PPMI Gov. Servants 15 Days before commencement