Required Documents for Processing of ‘NOC’ for Applying / Availing Foreign Trainings / Scholarships
Applicable to
WTO Workshop on e-Commerce 14-03-2023 to 17-03-2023 Singapore Govt. Officers 28-12-2022
2023 WTO Advanced Trade Policy Course (in English) 30-01-2023 to 24-03-2023 Geneva Govt. Officers 28-11-2022
Financial Regulation and Supervision 10-01-2023 to 19-01-2023 Japan Govt. Officers 17-11-2022
Investment Promotion and Industrial Development for Asian Region (FY 2022-23 Japan Govt. Officers 21-10-2022
Advanced Course on WTO Dispute Settlement 05-12-2022 to 09-12-2022 Geneva Govt. Officers 19-10-2022
Business Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 25-01-2023 to 02-03-2023 Japan Govt. Officers 20-10-2022
Singapore-WTO Workshop on Sustainable Trade 23-11-2022 to 25-11-2022 Singapore Govt. Officers 23-09-2022
Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) in Pakistan 2023 Japan Govt. Officers 21-10-2022
Empowering Persons with Disabilities 05-09-2022 to 09-12-2022 Singapore Govt. Officers 16-09-2022
Gender Equality Between Men and Women: Towards a more Inclusive Singapore Society 28-11-2022 to 02-12-2022 Singapore Govt. Officers 23-09-2022
JICA Long Term Program on SDGS Global Leader for Year 2023 Year 2023 Japan Govt. Officers 30-09-2022
Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship under Young Leaders Program (YLP) for the Year 2023 Oct. 2023 to Sept. 2024 Japan Govt. Officers 16-09-2022
WTO Virtual Workshop on Import Licensing and Notifications 27-09-2022 to 29-09-2022 Geneva Govt. Officers 31-08-2022
Development Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy/Marketing Strategy (Online) 13-10-2022 to 08-11-2022 JICA Govt. Officers 29-07-2022
Advanced Course on Trade in Services (GATS) 19-09-2022 to 23-09-2022 WTO Govt. Officers 28-06-2022
Internship Programmes 2023 (NTP/FIMIP) 2023 WTO Govt. Officers 31-07-2022
Training Program of IDE-JETRO 2022-2023 01-09-2022 to 20-01-2023 Japan Govt. Officers 24-06-2022
Investment Promotion and Business Environment Reform Advance 28-07-2022 to 31-08-2022 Japan (Online) Govt. Officers 30-06-2022
Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning with Internet of Things (Ai.ML.IoT) 18-07-2022 to 22-07-2022 Malaysia (e-Learning) Govt. Officers 18-05-2022
WTO Advance Course on Economic Analysis of Trade Policy 21-07-2022 to 29-07-2022 Geneva Govt. Officers 17-05-2022
2022 KOICA Scholarship Program for Master’s and Doctorate Degree Korea Govt. Officers 25-04-2022
Elearning Course on “Life Cycle Initiative Towards Sustainable Manufacturing for Circular Economy” 12-07-2022 to 16-07-2022 Malaysia Govt. Officers 29-04-2022
2022 WTO Advanced Trade Policy Course (ATPC) 07-06-2022 to 29-07-2022 WTO Govt. Officers 21-04-2022
E-Commerce: A Collaborative Approach for A Strong Digital Economy 30-05-2022 to 03-06-2022 Singapore Govt. Officers 13-04-2022
Advisory Center on WTO Law (ACWL) Secondment Programme for Trade Lawyers October 2022 to June 2023 Govt. Officers 22-04-2022
New Technology for Human Resources Management in the Public Sector 24-05-2022 to 27-05-2022 Japan Govt. Officers 15-04-2022
International Development of Public Sector Productivity Specialists by Philippines Scholarship Programs Philippines Govt. Officers 08-04-2022
E-Learning 2022 Bilateral Seminar List for Pakistan Under China Aid Online Govt. Officers
Online Regional Trade Policy Course (eRTPC) for Asia-Pacific Members and Observers of the WTO 23-05-2022 to 25-08-2022 Online Govt. Officers 21-03-2022
Master’s Degree/Doctoral Programmes 2022-25 China Govt. Officers 25-03-2022
Capital Market Operation 11-05-2022 to 12-05-2022 Ankara (virtual) Govt. Officers 25-03-2022
Online Bilateral Training Course on Cotton Cultivation for Pakistan under China Aid 10-05-2022 to 30-05-2022 China (online) Govt. Officers 31-03-2022
Industrial Internet Things 14-03-2022 to 18-03-2022 Malaysia (e-Learning) Govt. Officers 21-02-2022
Master’s Degree under the Thailand International PostGraduate Programme (TIPP) for the year 2022 2022 Thailand Govt. Officers 01-04-2022
Master’s Degree under the Thailand International PostGraduate Programme (TIPP) for the year 2022 2022 Thailand Govt. Officers 02-05-2022
2022 KOICA Scholarship Program for Master’s Degree 2022 Korea Govt. Officers 18-02-2022
Master’s Degree under the Thailand International PostGraduate Programme (TIPP) for the year 2022 2022 Thailand Govt. Officers 21-02-2022
Talent Development for the Future of Work by Thailand and APO 29-31 March 2022 Japan Govt. Officers 24-02-2022
Internet of things in Agriculture and Food Supply Chain Management 09-11 March 2022 Japan Govt. Officers 15-02-2022
Decentralized Governance and Public Accountability 23-25 March 2022 Indonesia Govt. Officers 18-02-2022
(i) Infrastructure Management Program (ii) Program in Economic and Public Policy October 2022 to September 2024 Japan Govt. Officers
2022 WTO Virtual Executive Trade Course 14-02-2022 to 08-04-2022 Virtual-WTO Govt. Officers 02-02-2022
E-Learning 2022 Multilateral Training Programs under China Aid E-Learning-China Govt. Officers
WIPO-WTO Advance Course in Intellectual Property 28-03-2022 to 08-04-2022 WIPO-WTO Govt. Officers 21-01-2022
Brunei Darussalam Scholarship to Foreign Students for 2022-23 2022-2023 Brunei Darussalam Govt. Officers 21-01-2022