Download Title Duration Venue Applicable to Deadline
Master Degree Programmes and Scholarships at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy 2017 Singapore Govt. Officers 31st December, 2016
Power of Innovation in Continual Improvement Activities 27-11-2016 to 11-12-2016 Malaysia Govt. Officers 27th October, 2016
Customer Service Management for Business Excellence 27-11-2016 to 11-12-2016 Malaysia Govt. Officers 27th October, 2016
ADBI-KEIO Edecutive Training in Economics: Contemporary Macroeconomic Policies in Globalized Economy 28-11-2016 to 02-12-2016 Japan Govt. Officers 25th October, 2016
Capacity Building Opportunities at WTO-SOME Challenges  Geneva Govt. Officers
International Capacity Building Programme on Enhancing the Development of Small and Medium Industry 24-10-2016 to 28-10-2016  Bali, Indonesia Govt. Officers 2nd Sept, 2016
Young Leaders Program (YLP)-MEXT Scholarship Program for the year 2017-18 October 2017 to September 2018  Japan Govt. Officers 10th Sept, 2016
WTO Regional Trade Policy Course for Asia-Pacific Countries 03-10-2016 to 25-11-2016  Japan Govt. Officers 28th July, 2016
Training Program for Young Leaders for Pakistan Economic Administration (Industrial Development and Promotion) Course 08-11-2016 to 25-11-2016  Japan Govt. Officers 1st August, 2016
Enhancing SMEs Support Capacity through Learning Quality and Productivity Improvement (KAIZEN) 05-10-2016 to 03-11-2016  Japan Govt. Officers 11th July, 2016
Master’s Program of Public Policy (MP-1/MP-2) by National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Fall 2017  Japan Govt. Officers Aug. 2016 and Dec. 2016
Trade and Competition Policy: Reviewing Practical Experience with existing WTO Agreements 14-07-2016 to 15-07-2016  Singapore Govt. Officers 8th June, 2016
Better Productivity for SMEs 18-07-2016 to 22-07-2016  Singapore Govt. Officers 3rd June, 2016
Asian Productivity Organization-International Course Govt. Officers
Strategic Analysis for International Participants 20-07-2016 to 05-08-2016 Malaysia Govt. Officers 19th May, 2016
Public Diplomacy for International Participants 17-08-2016 to 26-08-2016 Malaysia Govt. Officers 7th June, 2016
Intercultural Awareness and Diplomacy 21-07-2016 to 05-08-2016 Malaysia Govt. Officers 19th May, 2016
WTO Advanced Course on RTA’s Geneva 26-09-2016 to 30-09-2016 Geneva Govt. Officers 12th May, 2016
Thematic Course on Practical Guide for Trade Policy Analysis 25-07-2016 to 02-08-2016 Geneva Govt. Officers 3rd May, 2016
Overseas Fellow Training Program 2016-2017 at Institute of Development Economies Advanced School (IDEAS) 27-09-2016 to 09-03-2017 Japan Govt. Officers 10th May, 2016
Rural Transformation Programme (The Malaysian Experience) 14-08-2016 to 26-08-2016 Malaysia Govt. Officials 3rd May, 2016
Various Master Degree Programes to be held in China 2016-2017 China Govt. Officers 6th May, 2016
Training Courses to be held in Malaysia Malaysia Govt. Officers
US Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) on Fashion Design Program on Supply Chain Management 13-08-2016 to 31-08-2016 USA Govt. Officers 15th April, 2016
Announcement of Japanese Government MEXT Research Scholarships for 2017 2017 Japan Govt. Officers 29th April, 2016
Bilateral Seminar on Public Administration for Civil Servant of Pakistan in 2016 05-05-2016 to 25-05-2016 China Govt. Officers 22nd March, 2016
Enabling Private Sector Growth and Attracting FDI’s 09-05-2016 to 13-05-2016 Singapore Govt. Officers 10th March, 2016
3rd TEMASEK Foundation Leaders Development (TFLED) Programme 14-03-2016 to 22-03-2016 Singapore Govt. Officers 13th January, 2016