Download Title Duration Venue Applicable to Deadline
Training Course on E-Office Application 17-01-2022 to 19-01-2022 STI Govt. Officials 10-01-2022
English Typing, Shorthand English and Computer Course Staff Welfare Organization Govt. Officials
Leadership and Management Skills for Professional 20-12-2021 to 22-12-2021 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 13-12-2021
Professional Ethics for Efficiency and Management 03-01-2022 to 05-01-2022 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 20-12-2021
Capacity Building of All Division for E-Office Modules on Train-The-Trainer Basis 13-12-2021 to 16-12-2021 NITB Govt. Officials 10-12-2021
Fire Prevention and Safety Officer Course No. 68 03-01-2022 to 14-01-2022 National Institute of Fire Technology Govt. Officials 24-12-2021
Inpage Programme (Urdu Typing) Course for APS, Stenotypists, UDCs, LDCs 03-01-2022 to 14-01-2022 STI Govt. Officials 20-12-2021
English Shorthand Theory Course for APSs, Stenotypists, UDCs, LDCs and Dependents of Government Servants 03-01-2022 to 29-04-2022 STI Govt. Officials 20-12-2021
Fireman Course No 148 06-12-2021 to 31-12-2021 FCDTS, Peshawar Govt. Officers/Officials 01-12-2021 (A.N.)
Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Development 06-12-2021 to 10-12-2021 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 26-11-2021
ICT Training and Certification Program MoITT Govt. Officers
Duties & Responsibilities, General Ethics, Manners & Behavior of Drivers/ Dispatch Riders/ Qasids/ Daftris/ Naib Qasids & Equivalents 06-12-2021 to 10-12-2021 STI Govt. Officials 29-11-2021
Service Rules and Regulations 13-12-2021 to 17-12-2021 STI Govt. Officials 06-12-2021
Population Growth: Impact on Socio-Economic Development 29-11-2021 to 01-12-2021 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 19-11-2021
English Shorthand Speed Course for APSs/Stenotypists/UDCs/LDCs Etc. 08-11-2021 to 03-12-2021 STI Govt. Officials 29-10-2021
Office Procedures 01-11-2021 to 12-11-2021 STI Govt. Officials 22-10-2021
Training course on Duties & Responsibilities of Driver/Dispatch Riders 25-10-2021 to 29-10-2021 STI Govt. Officials 20-10-2021
Civil Defence Specialist Instructor Course 27-09-2021 to 29-10-2021 FCDTS Govt. Officers/Officials 24-09-2021
Course on Communication Skills 04-10-2021 to 08-10-2021 STI Govt. Officials 27-09-2021
Inpage Programme Course 11-10-2021 to 22-10-2021 STI Govt. Officials 30-09-2021
Advance Course on Microsoft Excel 20-09-2021 to 24-09-2021 STI Govt. Officials 13-09-2021
Service Rules and Regulations 13-09-2021 to 24-09-2021 STI Govt. Officials 06-09-2021
English Typing & Computer Applications Course 06-09-2021 to 30-09-2021 STI Govt. Officials 31-08-2021
Training Course on Microsoft PowerPoint 06-09-2021 to 10-09-2021 STI Govt. Officials 31-08-2021
Typing English, Shorthand and Computer Course Staff Welfare Organization Trade Training Center Govt. Officials
Training Course for 1st Quarter PPMI Govt. Officers
English Shorthand Theory Course 05-07-2021 to 20-10-2021 Secretariat Training Institute Govt. Officials 25-06-2021
Training on Office Procedures 05-07-2021 to 16-07-2021 Secretariat Training Institute Govt. Officials 24-06-2021
English Typing, Shorthand and Computer Course Staff Welfare Organization Training Center Govt. Officials 25-06-2021
Training Programs for the month of July, 2021 PMI Govt. Officers 28-06-2021
Fire Prevention and Safety course No. 66 05-07-2021 to 17-07-2021 NIFT Govt. Officers 05-07-2021
Training Programs for the month of June June 2021 PMI Govt. Officers
Training Programs for the month of May May 2021 PMI Govt. Officers 05-05-2021
Fire Prevention and Safety Officers Course No.14 (for Ladies) 12-04-2021 to 23-04-2021 NIFT Govt. Officers 05-04-2021
Training Courses for 4th Quarter April-June 2021 PPMI Govt. Officers
Training Programs Schedule for the Month of April 2021 05-04-2021 to 07-04-2021 PMI Govt. Officers
Future of Work at Federal Secretariat and Training Need Assessment STI Govt. Officers 22-03-2021
Solid Waste Management for Sustainable Environment 15-03-2021 to 19-03-2021 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 08-03-2021
Social Accountability for Empowerment of Local Community 15-03-2021 to 19-03-2021 AHKNCRD Govt. Officers 08-03-2021
Fire Prevention and Safety Officers Course 15-03-2021 to 26-03-2021 NIFT Govt. Officers/Officials 01-03-2021
Training Programs Schedule March 2021 PMI Govt. Officers 25-02-2021
Training Needs Assesement (TNA) of Officers FY 2021-22 PPMI Govt. Officers
Leadership & Management Skills for Development Practitioners 25-27 January 2021 Establishment Division Govt. Officers 15-01-2021