Download Title Duration Venue Applicable to Deadline
PTB-SAARC Blended Learning Course on Standardization for South Asia Quality Infrastructure for Sustainable Development (QUISP) 17-04-2011 to 20-04-2012 New Delhi and Berlin Gov. Officers 15-12-2011
IDB Merit Scholarship Pragramme for the year 2012-13 2012 – 2013 Any IDB Member Country Gov. Servants 12-12-2011
2012-KOICA Master Degree Programme in Korean Economy and Development Cooperation… 06-02-2012 to 18-06-2013 Korea Gov. Servants 26-10-2011
Seminar on Macroeconomic Development for Developing countries… 25-11-2011 to 15-12-2011 Beijing,China Gov. Servants 15-10-2011
Workshop on WTO/ESCAP Advanced Government Programme… 01-11-2011 to 03-11-2011 Bangkok Gov. Servants 26-09-2011
KDI School the Colombo Plan Long Term Scholoarship Programme One Year Republic of Korea Gov. Servants 23-09-2011