Applicable to
Program in Economic and Public Policy Japan Govt. Officers 20-01-2019
WIPO-WTO Advanced Course on Intellectual Property 11-12 March, 2019 Geneva Govt. Officers 28-12-2018
Various Training Courses Thailand Govt. Officers 31-01-2019
Program of the Promotion Seminars 10th & 17th December, 2018 Auditorium of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform Govt. Officers
Japanese Grant Aid for the Project Human Resource Development Scholarship for Pakistan year 2019 Japan Govt. Officers 14-12-2018
Modern Technology for Sustainable Agricultural System (MoTSAS) 23-04-2019 to 09-05-2019 Thailand Govt. Officers 31-12-2018
Sufficiency Economy Philosophy towards a Sustainable Development 12-03-2019 to 26-03-2019 Thailand Govt. Officers 10-12-2018
Achieving Sustainable Development Goals:Financial Inclusion and Rural Transformation Spring, 2019 Korea Govt. Officers 08-11-2018
Master’s Degree Programme at Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Seamaul (PSPS) 16-02-2019 to 27-02-2019 Bangladesh Govt. Officers 23-11-2018
Regional Industry Promotion by Cluster Approach 20-01-2019 to 19-02-2019 Japan Govt. Officers 24-10-2018
WTO Advanced Trade Policy course (in English) 28-01-2019 to 22-03-2019 Geneva Govt. Officers 19-10-2018
WTO Advanced Workshop on Government Procurement and Governance (in English) 13-11-2018 to 15-11-2018 Geneva Govt. Officers 30-09-2018
Special Economic Zone and Industrial Zone Development for Promoting Foreign Direct Investment 16-01-2019 to 09-02-2019 Japan Govt. Officers 19-10-2018
WTO Course on Trade in Services Statistics with Emphasis on Africa 03-12-2018 to 07-12-2018 Geneva Govt. Officers 21-09-2018
WTO Seminar on IP and Knowledge flows in a digital era 05-11-2018 to 06-11-2018 Geneva Govt. Officers 20-09-2018
Chevening Scholarships 2019/20 2019/20 UK Govt. Officers 06-11-2018
WTO Regional Trade Policy Course for Asia-Pacific 22-10-2018 to 14-12-2018 Bangkok Govt. Officers 20-08-2018
Knowledge Co-Creation Program 01-11-2018 to 17-11-2018 Japan Govt. Officers 05-08-2018
Session of the Committee on Trade Facilitation and additional workshops 09-11 Oct, 2018 Geneva Govt. Officers
Thematic Course on Trade in Value Added Statistics and Global Value Chains 24-28 Sept, 2018 Geneva Govt. Officers
WTO Advanced Course on Trade in Services (in English) 17-22 Sept, 2018 Geneva Govt. Officers 05-07-2018
GRIPS One and Two Year Master’s Program of Public Policy 1 and 2 year Japan Govt. Officers Between August and early November, 2018
2018 WTO Advanced Trade Policy Course 8 Oct-30 Nov, 2018 Geneva Govt. Officers 05-06-2018
Capacity Development for Investment Promotion (C) 02-26 October, 2018 Japan Govt. Officers 15-06-2018
Training Course on “Certificate in Co-Operative Microfinance” and “Islamic and Industrial Good Practices in Manufacturing of Health Care Food & Cosmetic Products” 18-28 September, 2018 and 2-9 September, 2018 Malaysia Govt. Officers 15-05-2018
Economic Planning and Management 06-08-2018 to 17-08-2018 Malaysia Govt. Officers 02-05-2018
2018 Multilateral and Scholarship Training Programme Plan for Pakistan in China China Govt. Officers
2018 Bilateral Training Programme Plan for Pakistan in China China Govt. Officers
Master Degree Program in Regulation Management for Economic Development 01-08-2018 to 27-12-2019 Korea Govt. Officers 26-03-2018
Korean Government Scholarship Program Korea Govt. Officers 13-03-2018
Australia Awards Scholarship for Study Commencing 2019 Australia Govt. Officers 30-04-2018

Applications invited for Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships for Master Degrees

Govt. Officers
22 February to April 12, 2018

Merit Scholarship Programme for the year 2018-19 announced by the Islamic Development Bank

Govt. Officers
12th February, 2018