Download Title Duration Venue Applicable to Deadline
WTO Workshop on Notification of Quantitative Restrictions 24-04-2023 to 26-04-2023 Geneva Govt. Officers 16-02-2023
One and Two Year Master’s Program of Public Policy at GRIPS 1 & 2 years Japan Govt. Officers Nov, 2017 to early Feb, 2018
Entrepreneurship Development for Women Trainers/Motivators 19 days India Govt. Officers 29 December, 2014
Special American Business Internship Training Program 14 days USA Govt. Officers 5 December, 2014
New PH.D. Program at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) (G-CUBE) 5 years Japan Govt. Officers 26 December, 2014
The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy-Call for Nominations for Master’s Degree Programmes and Scholarships Singapore Govt. Officers 25th January, 2015
Public Service Innovation and Change 5 days Singapore Govt. Officers 31 October, 2014
Workshop on Sharing Experiences and Best Practices on Public Administration and Good Governance Between Colombo Plan Countries 6 days Jakarta Govt. Officers 15 October, 2014
Second Generation RCI Agenda and Productivity Conference 2 days Phillipines Govt. Officers 29 September, 2014
Special American Business Internship Training N/A N/A Govt. Officers 29 August, 2014
Nomination of candidates for the “WTO Regional Trade Policy Course” 52 days New Delhi Govt. Officers 25 July, 2014
2014 WTO Advance Trade Policy Course (In English) 50 days Geneva Govt. Officers 11 July, 2014
Course on effective trade negotiation techniques and strategies 5 days Singapore Govt. Officers 11 July, 2014
Economic Development strategic program 3 weeks Korea Govt. Officers
WTO SPS Technical Assistance Activities in 2014 Geneva Govt. Officers
Various Masters’s Degree Programs to be held in Korea Korea Govt. Officers
WTO/ESCAP Regional Workshop to Trade in Services for Asian Economies 25-06-2014 to 27-06-2014 China Govt. Officers 09-05-2014
Various Master’s Degree Programmes 2014 to 2015 Korea Govt. Officers
Security and Diplomacy for Senior Level Government Official 05-05-2014 to 09-05-2014 Malaysia Govt. Officers 26-03-2014
Information Technology Management in Public Sector 14-08-2014 to 05-09-2014 Malaysia Govt. Officers 20-03-2014
Master Degree Programme in Finance 20-08-2014 to 24-03-2016 Korea Govt. Officers 20-03-2014
Various Master’s Degree Programmes Korea Govt. Officers 20-03-2014
Multilateral, Ministerial, Bilateral Trainings and Master Degree Projects for year 2014 2014 China Govt. Officers
Seminar on WTO Rules & China’s Access Commitment for Asian and European Countries 27-03-2014 to 16-04-2014 China Govt. Officers
Trade in Value-Added, Global Value Chains and Development Strategy 06-05-2014 to 08-05-2014 Singapore Govt. Officers 14-03-2014
Economic Planning & Management 14-08-2014 to 05-09-2014 Malaysia Govt. Officers 14-03-2014
Global Master of Public Administration offered by KOICA 13-08-2014 to 17-12-2015 Korea Govt. Officers 07-03-2014
Master of International Studies offered by KOICA 13-08-2014 to 17-12-2015 Korea Govt. Officers 07-03-2014
Training Programme on English Course for Diplomacy 19-05-2014 to 30-05-2014 Malaysia Govt. Officers 28-02-2014
Thailand International Postgraduate Programme 2014 in MA Diplomacy and International Studies August 2014 to August 2016 Thailand Govt. Officers 17-02-2014