Download Title Duration Venue Applicable to Deadline
Program in Economic and Public Policy (PEPP) 2018-2020 at the University of Tsukuba, Japan 18 months Japan Govt. Officers 2nd Nov, 2017 to 28th Feb, 2018
One and Two Year Master’s Program of Public Policy at GRIPS One and Two years Japan Govt. Officers Nov, 2017 to early Feb, 2018
Regional Trade Policy Course for Asia-Pacific Members and Observers of the WTO 02-10-2017 to 24-11-2017 Bangkok Govt. Officers 07-08-2017
Better Productivity for SMEs 04-09-2017 to 08-09-2017 Singapore Govt. Officers 21-07-2017
2017 WTO Advanced Trade Policy Course (in English) 02-10-2017 to 24-11-2017 Geneva Govt. Officers 21-07-2017
Economic Development Strategy (Pakistan) 13-08-2017 to 26-08-2017 Korea Govt. Officers 20-06-2017
One and Two Year Master’s Program of Public Policy (MP-1/MP-2) Program of Public Policy 2018 Japan Govt. Officers between Aug. and Sep. 2017
Overseas Fellows Training Program 2017-18 28-09-2017 to 08-03-2018 Japan Govt. Officers 25-04-2017
2017-KOICA Master Degree Program in Arts in Industry and Trade Policy 10-08-2017 to 17-12-2018 Seoul, Korea Govt. Officers 04-04-2017
Post Harvest Technology of Fruit and Vegetable Crops for Developing Countries 22-05-2017 to 02-06-2017 Colombo Govt. Officers 01-04-2017
List of Multilateral / Bilateral Training Courses / Seminars / Master Programs offered by Chinese Government for the year 2017 China Govt. Officers 10 days before commencement of each training course
Sufficiency Economy Practices (SEP) in Community Based and Economic Development (CBED) 03-07-2017 to 04-08-2017 Thailand Govt. Officers 31-03-2017
Diplomatic Training Course for International Participants 17-04-2017 to 28-04-2017 Malaysia Govt. Officers 16-03-2017
Integration of Sufficiency Economy for Empowerment on Mobilizing Sustainable Development 05-06-2017 to 25-06-2017 Thailand Govt. Officers 13-03-2017
Australian Awards Scholarship for the year 2018 intake 2018 Australia Govt. Officers / Officials 31-03-2017
2017-KOICALAIST Master’s Degree Program in Finance 20-08-2017 to 28-02-2019 KAIST College of Business, Seoul, Korea Govt. Officers 03-02-2017
“Merit Scholarship Programme” for the academic year 2017-18 2017-18 Govt. Officers 20-01-2017