Pakistan and Uzbekistan Advance Strategic Partnership to Boost Regional Connectivity and Trade

Islamabad, May 8, 2024:

Federal Minister for Commerce Jam Kamal Khan, Federal Minister for Privatisation and Communication Abdul Aleem Khan and Federal Minister for Industries and Food Security Rana Tanveer Hussain and Uzbekistan Foreign Minister Saidov held a crucial meeting in Ministry of Commerce Islamabad.

During the meeting Minister Jam Kamal Khan extended a warm welcome to the Uzbekistani delegation and assured full cooperation to enhance bilateral collaboration, emphasizing the strategic, religious, and cultural ties between the two countries.

Pakistan and Uzbekistan, both countries have reaffirmed their commitment to advancing the Uzbekistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan (UAP) Railways Project, in collaboration with Afghanistan, to establish a vital trade corridor providing Central Asia with sea access through a land route.

This trilateral collaboration aims to bolster regional connectivity and facilitate smoother trade flows across borders.

Minister Saidov highlighted Pakistan’s significant role in the global arena and emphasized the potential for Uzbekistan to serve as a gateway for Central Asian countries, while Pakistan could act as a gateway for South Asian countries.

Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain stressed the importance of translating memorandums of understanding (MoUs) into concrete agreements to propel bilateral cooperation forward, echoing the sentiments of Abdul Aleem Khan, who emphasized the need for proactive measures to boost trade and investment.

It was revealed during the meetings that Pakistan has acquired land for the UAP Railways Project, indicating tangible progress towards its implementation.

Visa issues and logistical challenges were also discussed, including those related to organizing the Pakistan Single Country Exhibition (PSCE) and Logistics Forum in Uzbekistan.

Furthermore, the operationalization of the Pakistan-Uzbekistan Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) on March 13, 2023, was hailed as a significant step towards enhancing bilateral trade.

In conclusion, the meetings between Pakistan and Uzbekistan have set the stage for closer cooperation and collaboration, with a focus on bolstering trade, connectivity, and economic integration. These initiatives hold the promise of unlocking new opportunities for growth and prosperity for both nations and the broader region.