Question: How much do I have to pay for my vessel to berth?

Answer: Click on link


Question: How long does it take take to clear my cargo?

Answer: One week on the average depending on cargo type


Question: How do I get information on my cargo?


  1. From Shipping Companies that undertake the carrying of the cargo
  2. From COPI (Central Office for Processing Information) Section of the Operations Department of NPA where the manifest of the arrived vessels are usually sent


Question: Do I need an agent to clear my cargo?

Answer: Yes, you need a registered agent with custom license


Question: Can you suggest an Agent for me?

Answer: Your Shipper can suggest one for you


Question: How do I contact Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)?

Answer: You can contact NPA through any of the following

    • Corporate & Strategic Communications Division
    • Use NPA Contact Us Form

Question: Whom do I contact if I have a problem?

Answer: Tariff & Billing Operations Departments through Corporate Affairs at the Port level or the Terminal Coordinator of the port.