Export Advisory Council Charts Course for Pakistan’s $100 Billion Export Vision

Islamabad, December 08, 2023:

The Ministry of Commerce is pleased to announce the successful convening of the inaugural meeting of the Export Advisory Council in Islamabad. Chaired by the Commerce Minister, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the meeting marks a pivotal step towards realizing the ambitious goals outlined in Dr. Ejaz’s “Vision Pakistan: Road to $100 Billion Exports.”

Comprising prominent figures in the export sector, the council boasts members including Mussadiq Zulqarnain, Fawad Anwar, Shahid Surti, Mian Ahsan, Yaqub Ahmed, Aamir Fayyaz Sheikh, Shahid Abdullah, and Ahmed Kamal. The collective wisdom and expertise of these industry leaders were harnessed during the meeting to address pressing challenges faced by Pakistan’s exports.

During the deliberations, the council focused on identifying practical solutions to enhance the competitiveness of Pakistan’s textile industry on the global stage. The members of the private sector actively contributed their perspectives, shedding light on critical issues and proposing strategies for their resolution.

Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz underscored the significance of the textile sector, acknowledging its largest share in Pakistan’s exports. He emphasized that despite this, the sector operates below its full potential. To address this, the council discussed plans to organize a Textile Expo, a dedicated platform aimed at boosting textile exports.

As part of the broader agenda, the council also considered proposals to elevate domestic exports to $50 billion within the next five years. Dr. Gohar Ejaz expressed confidence that, with concerted efforts and strategic initiatives, Pakistan’s textile exports can reach $50 billion, contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth.

Dr. Ejaz highlighted the importance of increasing exports as a means to bolster national income and drive economic development. He stressed that a robust export strategy can potentially alleviate the burden of debt, positioning Pakistan competitively in the global market.

The Minister envisioned Pakistan’s GDP to rise to 1 trillion dollars which can increase average per capita income in Pakistan threefold. The minister emphasized that Pakistan needs export driven growth to alleviate balance of payments problem.