Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz Engages in Constructive Talks with Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Government

Suzhou, China, December 13, 2023:

In a significant stride towards fostering international cooperation, Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz engaged in a highly productive meeting with His Excellency Mr. Wu Qingwen, the esteemed Mayor of Suzhou Municipal Government.

The meeting witnessed an exchange of ideas and discussions on the immense potential for collaboration between Pakistan and Suzhou. Dr. Gohar Ejaz and Mayor Wu Qingwen explored avenues for enhanced economic and trade ties, underlining their commitment to building stronger bilateral relations.

The discussions were inspired by the #BRIMeeting, resonating with the Belt and Road Initiative’s vision for connectivity and collaboration. As both nations look to leverage this momentum, the focus remains on identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities for trade and economic growth.

Suzhou’s remarkable economic profile was a key highlight, underscoring the city’s significance as an economic powerhouse. Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz expressed optimism about the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships that can contribute to the growth and prosperity of both Pakistan and Suzhou.