Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz Meeting with Chinese Business Leaders at the 3rd Belt and Road Forum in Beijing

Beijing, China, October 21, 2023:

Federal Minister of Commerce, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, concluded a series of highly productive meetings with prominent Chinese business leaders and investment groups on the sidelines of the 3rd Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. These meetings were aimed at strengthening economic ties between Pakistan and China and exploring various investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Dr. Gohar Ejaz met with Mr. Wang Zihai, Director of China-Pakistan (Qingdao) International Cooperation Hub. The discussions centered on investment opportunities in Pakistan, including areas such as Civilian and Defense equipment, EV Lithium Batteries, Solar Panels, and Semiconductors. The role of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) in facilitating these opportunities was a key point of conversation.

In a meeting with Ms. Li Yiman, Chairperson of Eman Logistics, the focus was on expanding Pakistan’s presence on Chinese digital platforms. Eman Logistics plans to launch “Pakistan National Pavilion” display centers in China, demonstrating a commitment to digital diplomacy. The Minister assured full support and facilitation for this endeavor.

Dr. Ejaz also engaged with Mr. Jin Weidong, President of Wellhope, a leading Chinese agri-producer. The Minister highlighted the significant opportunities within Pakistan’s agricultural, poultry, and meat sectors. Wellhope’s global leadership in smart farming and meat processing can pave the way for a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Minister met with Mr. Wang Guidong of Donghua Group, emphasizing Pakistan Steel Mills’ privatization and the government’s dedication to the process. The establishment of SIFC is set to bolster these efforts, and all possible facilitation for the partnership was assured.

A productive working lunch was held with representatives from MCC, China’s metallurgy giant, a key player in the Saindak Copper-Gold Project. The discussions revolved around expanding collaboration and tapping into MCC’s expertise to foster partnership growth.

The minister also visited COFCO, a leading global food procurement agency, to discuss possibilities of enhancing Pakistan’s grains and food exports to China. Dr. Gohar invited them to establish their regional office in Pakistan to procure more Pakistani products and invest in Pakistan and make it a hub of its global value chain and storage network with support from SIFC. Dr. Gohar also urged COFCO to establish a Joint Working Group between COFCO, Pakistani Businessmen and Ministry of Commerce.

Dr. Ejaz met with several other prominent Chinese enterprises and organizations, including Shandong Xinxu Group, ADM Group, China National Agriculture Development, China National Fisheries Corp, Tianjin Meat Association, and CNAGS. These discussions explored collaboration in various sectors, such as mining, trade, hospitality, construction, EV infrastructure, agriculture, and rice sourcing. Dr. Ejaz underscored Pakistan’s commitment to meeting China’s export standards and promised rapid processing plant setup if exports to China are greenlit.

In a separate meeting with BYD, a global leader in electric vehicles (EVs), discussions focused on investment opportunities in Pakistan and the government’s supportive policies, including the role of SIFC. Dr. Gohar Ejaz’s meetings with business leaders reflect Pakistan’s commitment to fostering economic cooperation and development with China.