Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz Chairs High-Level Meeting to Address the Status of Special Economic Zones in Karachi

Islamabad, December 27, 2023:

Minister of Commerce, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, chaired a meeting today at the Ministry of Commerce to assess the current status of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Karachi. The meeting was attended by key officials including Sauleh Ahmed Farooqui, Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce; Rashid Langrial, Secretary of the Ministry of Industries and Production; and Sohail Rajput, Board of Investment Secretary.

The primary focus of the meeting was on the operational status of the Port Qasim Special Economic Zone, which is now ready for prospective investors. The Port Qasim SEZ boasts comprehensive utility services, creating an ideal environment for businesses to thrive.

During the discussions, Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz highlighted the importance of diversification and growth, specifically addressing the establishment of a Special Economic Zone dedicated to the Information Technology (IT) sector. The IT SEZ is poised to play a crucial role in fostering innovation and technological advancement in Pakistan.

A key agenda item centered around initiatives to enhance the skillset of the labor force in Pakistan. The Ministry of Commerce, in collaboration with other relevant authorities, plans to implement programs to improve the overall skill level of the workforce, with a particular emphasis on IT skills. This strategic approach aligns with the goal of boosting IT exports and positioning Pakistan as a competitive player in the global IT industry.

Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz reiterated the need for proper incentivization of the public sector to ensure inclusive growth. He emphasized that sustained economic development requires a collaborative effort between the government and private sector, with appropriate incentives serving as a catalyst for progress.