PAK-IRAN Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA)

The Preferential Trade Agreement consists of the following components:

Pakistan signed a Preferential Trade Agreement with Islamic Republic of Iran on 4th March 2004. The Cabinet ratified the agreement on 25th May 2005. As mutually agreed the agreement has become operational from 1st September 2006.

2. Under the Agreement, Pakistan offered concessions to Iran on 338 tariff lines, whereas Iran gave concessions on 309 tariff lines. Preferences granted by both countries to each other cover approximately 18% of MFN tariff of both countries.

3. To implement the Pak-Iran PTA the following S.R.O.(s) have been issued:

i. SRO 872(I)/2006 dated 24th August, 2006 (issued by Ministry of Commerce)

ii. SRO 894(I)/2006 dated 31st August, 2006 (issued by Federal Board of Revenue)

The complete text of the Agreement
Protocol Amending Articles
Agreed Rules of Origin
Certificate of Origin
Memorandum on the Verification Procedures
Tariff Preferences Granted by Iran to Pakistan
Tariff Preferences Granted by Pakistan to Iran