A Historical Moment: 32 MoUs signed in the fields of ICT, Textile, Leather & Footwear, Minerals, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture & Food Processing.

China, June 6, 2024 :

A Historical moment between private sectors of Pakistan and China was observed today when 32 MoUs in different fields were signed on the sidelines of the Pakistan Business Conference in Shenzhen after the B2B Meetings between the Pakistani businessmen and their counterparts from China.

Pakistan and Chinese companies signed 32 Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) as a result of the B2B Initiative of the Federal Government. The areas of interest for the business community of both sides included the fields of electronics & home appliances, ICT, textile, leather & footwear, minerals and pharmaceuticals etc.

The private sector of both the countries signed four (04) MoUs in the field of energy, two (02) in the field of Automobiles, one (01) in Cultural Cooperation, four (04) MoUs in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The private sectors of Pakistan and China also signed six (06) MoUs in pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, four (04) in logistics while ten (10) memoranda were signed in the field of agriculture and food processing. Both the countries’ private sectors also signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) in the field of Optical Fibre Network.

Business Conference Shenzhen 2024 will not only pave the ground for the introduction of Pakistani products in the regional markets, but it will also leave a positive impact of strong regional government-business relations on Pakistan economy’s strategic transformations.

Board of Investment played a pivotal role in the conduct of the event. An unprecedented next level industrial cooperation between the two nations is expected out of this B2B initiative of the government.