Minister of Commerce, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, Engages in Productive Dialogue with Leading Retailers to Strengthen Pakistan’s Retail Sector and Boost Exports

Islamabad, September 21, 2023:

The Minister of Commerce, Industries and Production, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, chaired a meeting with prominent retailers from across Pakistan to discuss strategies aimed at enhancing the retail market conditions and improving the nation’s exports. The collaborative effort between the government and retailers reflects a shared commitment to achieve economic growth and prosperity.

During the meeting, the retailers expressed their strong desire to contribute to Pakistan’s export industry. They emphasized the role they can play in expanding the nation’s reach in global markets.

Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz affirmed the government’s dedication to curbing smuggling activities and ensuring that trade operates through legitimate channels. He stated, “We believe in you, and we appreciate the vital role you play in the economy. Our government is committed to providing the best opportunities for retailers to export their goods and expand their domestic market presence.”

In a bid to facilitate international market access, the Minister pledged to provide retailers with opportunities to reach Central Asian Republics (CARs) and other global markets. He outlined plans to host exhibitions that would enable local retailers to collaborate with international designers and brands, fostering innovation and growth within the sector.

Recognizing the importance of E-commerce, the retailers advocated for increased government support in this growing industry. The Minister acknowledged the potential of E-commerce and pledged to work closely with retailers to harness its future prospects effectively.

The meeting also witnessed a constructive exchange of ideas on expanding the tax net. Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz emphasized the critical role of tax compliance in achieving prosperity, stating, “There’s only one way to prosperity, and that is through tax compliance.”

Furthermore, the Minister encouraged local manufacturers to transition towards achieving one hundred percent local manufacturing, reducing dependence on imported materials, and boosting domestic production.

In conclusion, Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz urged retailers to strive for higher export volumes, assuring them of the government’s unwavering support in this endeavor. Additionally, he directed brand manufacturers to improve labor conditions and provide training through PITAC (Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre).