Trade Related Investment Policy Framework (TRIPF)

Commerce Division has drafted a “Trade Related Investment Policy Framework (TRIPF)” with a view to attract investment in export-oriented manufacturing. The framework recognizes the critical nexus between trade and investment, identifies the global trends in FDI, analyzes Pakistan’s investment performance over the years, evaluates Pakistan’s investment policies and strategies, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Pakistan’s investment climate and identifies the critical enablers for attracting efficiency seeking investment in Pakistan.

The objective of developing the TRIPF is to make the manufacturing sector more competitive in the international market as well as to enable domestic industries integrate into the global and regional value chains. The policy framework will be an integral part of the upcoming Strategic Trade Policy Frame Work (STPF) 2018-23, which incentivizes and facilitates investment in the export oriented and import substituting industries through policy reforms, predictable tariff structure and regulatory transparency.

The draft “Trade Related Investment Policy Framework 2015-23” has been uploaded here for information and feedback of the stakeholders and general public.

Comments/feedback may be sent through courier to Ms. Serrein Asad, Deputy Director (Trade Policy), Commerce Division, Block A, Pakistan Secretariat Islamabad or email by 10th October 2018..