3rd NeCC meeting – Project kickoff between NIFT and checkout for enabling international payments to facilitate cross border e-Commerce

24 September 2020, Islamabad, Pakistan: National eCommerce Committee(NECC) applauds the project kickoff between NIFT and Checkout.com for bringing international payment methods to Pakistan at the 3rd National e-Commerce Committee meeting held on 24th September 2020. The implementation will enable both organizations to provide payment services through each other’s infrastructure and  pursue commercial opportunities as a partnership. This strives towards a borderless experience for business and consumers alike, promoting digital payments and settlements for exports and digital commerce across Pakistan.

Checkout.com is a global payment provider which offers reliable payments in more than 150 different currencies, in-country acquiring, robust fraud filters and reporting – all accessed through a single point of integration. They accept payments from all major international card schemes, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UnionPay as well as popular alternative and local payment methods. Checkout.com brings a unified offering of all the prominent international payment methods and wallets such as PayPal, AliPay, ApplePay and GooglePay to pay to merchants and businesses in Pakistan.

NIFT ePay, on the other hand, is the first domestic payment gateway for Pakistan which has been setup by NIFT in collaboration with TPS as its technology partner. “NIFT ePay” allows for the aggregation of all different digital payment instruments available in Pakistan. It enables consumers to pay for e-commerce purchases or against business invoices digitally, securely and conveniently through a growing network of merchants, businesses, participating banks and other financial institutions.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Razzaq Dawood – Chairman to NECC appreciated the efforts made by the private sector especially NIFT and its partner checkout for ensuring availability of digital payment services to promote cross border eCommerce.

Senior Vice Chairman of the Chainstore Association of Pakistan (CAP), Asfandyar Farrukh said that the availability of established international payment methods is vital for smooth cross-border e-commerce and the collaboration of NIFT ePay and Checkout.com is exciting. Retailers and e-commerce businesses are primed to boost B2C exports once both payment methods and export processes are streamlined.

Badar Khushnood,Head of E-commerce Committee at P@SHA and Cofounder of Fishry.com added that aggregation of globally popular and growing digital payment instruments would facilitate one of the most important elements of cross-border small-packet micro-exports. Badar also highlighted the fact that NIFT ePay is enabled by an active P@SHA member company, TPS, which has earned accolade globally for its digital payment platforms. P@SHA congratulates NIFT and Checkout.com to have joined hands for bringing the much awaited global payment methods for e-commerce exports.