Ground Breaking Ceremony for the expansion and re-modeling of the Karachi Expo Centre (KEC)

Press Release

Subject: Ground Breaking Ceremony for the expansion and re-modeling of the Karachi Expo Centre (KEC) 31-05-2018

Secretary Commerce, Mr. Muhammad Younus Dagha performed the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Karachi Expo Centre on 31st May, 2018 at the premises of the Karachi Expo Centre in a function attended by a large number of exporters and industrialists of the country, members of the diplomatic community, and other senior government officers.

The Secretary Commerce in his speech to the gathering informed the audience that the present Expo Centre at Karachi is being expanded and re-modeled with setting up of new facilities including three additional exhibition halls (at present the Centre has six halls), building of a Convention Centre for organizing Business Forums and conferences, a multi-storey IT tower for offices and building of other facilities like parking plaza etc.  Further, the Secretary informed the audience that the purpose of expansion of the Expo Centre was not only to modernize the present centre but also to create capacity for meeting the increasing trade related needs of the country in view of the economic objectives of the Govt. to earn ever more foreign exchange for financing the developmental needs of the country. Secretary Commerce also emphasized that the expansion and up-gradation of the KEC will meet major shortcomings in the trade related infrastructure in the country. The Secretary appreciated and applauded the role of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan to have pursued the project and completed legal formalities diligently with in short span of time. He told that Ministry of Commerce through regular video conferences with Trade Officers and TDAP, has been able to identify the hurdles affecting Pakistan’s exports and through collective expertise they’re being removed to enhance trade.

Secretary Commerce also lauded the role of business community in putting their all out efforts to increase the exports of the country this year ( 2017/18), which have increased overall by 14% during July to April 2017-18 compared to the corresponding period of 2016-17 and there is broad based expansion in the exports of the country in terms of both product sectors and destinations.  Over all from July to April this year, our textile and clothing export has shown a growth of 8% over the same period; agro food has grown by 30%; and other sectors like mineral and metal, engineering goods and surgical instruments have also respectively grown by 120%, 13%, and 14%.  Besides, exports have also increased to USA by 17% and 8% each to UK & China.  In addition, the Secretary Commerce informed the audience that the expansion of the Karachi Expo Centre was not an isolated effort of the Govt. but, last year, Ministry of Commerce had launched an initiative titled “Emerging  Pakistan” with a view to promote various strengths of the country and dispel negative stereotypes about Pakistan, abroad. The Secretary apprised the gathering that ECC of the cabinet has approved the three year expansion for PM’s Export Enhancement package and hoped that the same zeal would be shown to complete the project within scheduled time. Building of IT tower is special feature of the expansion and up-gradation of the KEC, which will meet the needs of the services sector, he hoped.

The function was also addressed by Mr. InamUllah Khan, Secretary, TDAP who gave a brief overview of the Karachi Expo Centre and need of expansion and modernization of the Center. He also was of the view that the intended expansion of the KEC was in keeping with overall up-gradation of the infrastructure of the country under the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor); and the expanded KEC will provide export outlet to the series of Special Economic Zones being established under the CPEC.