Draft National Tariff Policy

Commerce Division is formulating the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2018-23 which will provide strategic direction for the export sector for the next 5 years. Tariffs, being one of the instruments of trade policy, play an important role in enhancing export competitiveness and productivity of the domestic industries. Although Pakistan has liberalized its tariff regime since 2005, the tariff structure remains complex and needs to be simplified.

Commerce Division and National Tariff Commission (NTC) have drafted National Tariff Policy to make exports more competitive and facilitate participation of local manufacturers, including SMEs, in global and regional value chains.  This policy will be an integral part of the upcoming STPF 2018-23. The objective of the draft policy is to simplify and rationalize the existing tariff structure for enhancing the efficiency of existing domestic activities, especially in manufacturing sector and simultaneously, to ensure predictability and transparency.

The draft policy has been uploaded here. Comments are invited from all the stakeholders on the draft National Tariff Policy. The comments/feedback may be sent to so.tp.moc@gmail.com.