Delegation from Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association

Islamabad February 25, 2019: A delegation from Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association called on the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Commerce, Textile, Industries and Production and Investment Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood today at Islamabad. Different issues regarding duty Taxes on import of Soyabin Oil Compliance issues and DTRE facilities were discussed. The issue of harmonizing standards, licensing conformity assessment and traceability procedures adopted by Federal and Provincial authorities in the light of WTO’s technical barriers to Trade agreements were discussed.
The delegation highlighted the different standards for the same product by Provincial authorities are creating additional compliance and cost for the business community. It was agreed that different initiatives would be adopted to divert Oil Seeds import to local formers so that Pakistan can become self sufficient in Oil Seed Crop and foreign exchange could be saved. Pakistan is having Oil Seed production far below its potential that allows massive import of Oil Seed. Pakistan annually imports over 2.3 million M Tons of Soyabin Seed which is used to extract 418,700 M Tons of Soyabin Oil. The Current Government is focusing on import substitution in the Oil Seed sector. The delegation appreciated business reforms package of the current Government and expected that it would be very helpful in uptick of exports.