Title SRO No Date
Amendments made in the Drawback of Local Taxes and Levies (Non-Textile) Order, 2017 SRO 406(1)/2017 29-05-2017
Corrigendum of SRO 582 SRO 582(1)/2016 12-04-2017
Drawback of Local Taxes and Levies (Non-Textile) Order 2017 SRO 62(1)/2017 02-02-2017
Corrigendum of SRO 1156(1)/2016 SRO 1156(1)/2016 02-02-2017
Amendment in the Import Policy Order, 2016 SRO 1156(1)/2016 13-12-2016
Amendment in the Export Policy Order, 2016 SRO 1155(1)/2016 13-12-2016
Ban on Import of Sheesha (Tobacco and Non-Tobacco) and related substances SRO 970(1)/2016 13-10-2016
Amendments in the Import Policy Order 2016 SRO 912(1)/2016 05-10-2016
Amendments in the Import Policy Order 2016 SRO 848(1)/2016 05-10-2016
Drawback of Local Taxes and Levies (Non-Textile) Order 2016 SRO 582(1)/2016 01-07-2016
Support for Plant and Machinery for Agro Processing (SME) Order 2016 SRO 581(1)/2016 01-07-2016
Technology Up-gradation Fund Order 2016 SRO 580(1)/2016 01-07-2016
Brand and Certification Development Support Order 2016 SRO 579(1)/2016 01-07-2016
Product Development Incentive Order 2016 SRO 578(1)/2016 01-07-2016
Export of Perishable Goods namely Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products and Meat against Pak. Rupees instead of Dollars SRO 805(1)/2015 17-08-2015
Amendment in the Commercial Import of Prohibited and Non-Prohibited Weapons and Ammunition (Regulation) Order SRO 654(1)/2015 14-07-2015
SRO 415(1)/2015 (Drawback of Local Taxes and Levies Order, 2015) SRO 415 19-06-2015
SRO 473(1)/2015 SRO 473 29-05-2015
Drawback of Local Taxes and Levies Order, 2015 SRO 415(1)/2015 15-05-2015
Date of Submission of Claims corresponding to para 5(iii) of SRO 177(1)2015 is extended to 15th May, 2015 SRO 177(1)/2015 19-03-2015
Import of Fish & Fisheries Products SRO 164(1)/2015 24-02-2015
Import of Plastic Scrap SRO 149(1)/2015 19-02-2015
Import of Arms and Ammunition by Commercial Importers SRO 1112(1)/2014 13-01-2015
Change in Appendix N SRO 3(1)/2015 08-01-2015
Import of Duty Free Cars For Personal Use of Disabled Persons SRO 6(I)/2009 10-12-2014
Import of CNG Cylinders/Kits & Parts by OEMS SRO 762(I)/2014 23-10-2014
Import of Live Animals from BSE infected countries SRO 646 (1)/2014 18-07-2014
In Exercise of the Powers conferred by sub-section (I) of section 3 of the Imports and Exports ( Control) Act, 1950 SRO 329 30-04-2014
Amendments shall be made in the Import and Export of Precious Metals Jewellery and Gemstones Order, 2013, namely SRO 328 30-04-2014
Export of Livestock SRO-969(I)/2013 21-04-2014
Precious Metals Jewellery and Gemstones Order, 2013 SRO-204(I)/2014 21-03-2014
Amendment in SRO-58(1)2014 SRO-58(1)2014 19-02-2014
SRO-58(1)2014 58 28-01-2014
SRO-59(1)2014 59 28-01-2014
Import Policy Order Gold- 52(I)/2014 SRO 52(I)/2014 24-01-2014
Import & Export of Precious Metals, Jewellery & GemStones- SRO 53(I)/2014 SRO 53(I)/2014 24-01-2014
Public Notice No. 03/2013 03/2013 16-12-2013
Public Notice No. 04/2013 04/2013 16-12-2013
Ministry Inform New SRO for Import of Gold and Export of Jewellery under SRO 760(I)/2013 dated 2nd September, 2013 SRO 760(I)/2013 02-09-2013
To exempt, w.e.f 1st Sep, 2013 the import into Pakistan from Indonesia of the goods specified in column (3) SRO 741(I)/2013 28-08-2013
Amendments shall be made in the Import and Export of Gold, Gold Jewellery and Gemstones Order, 2011 notified SRO-693(I)/2013 01-08-2013
Export Policy Order 2012-15 SRO-192(I)/2013 08-03-2013
Import Policy Order 2012-15 SRO-193(I)/2013 08-03-2013
In Pursuance of the PTA between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Republic of Indonesia SRO 1485(I)/2012 22-12-2012
In exercise of the Powers conferred by section 9 of the Pakistan Tobacco Board Ordinance,1968 SRO 129(1)/2011 21-02-2011
The FOB value of consignments shall be above the Minimum Export Price (MEP) specified for the types SRO (I)/2008 30-04-2008
Research and Development Support (Motorcycle Industry) Order, 2008 SRO 0200(I)/2008 01-03-2008
Amendment in Export Policy Order 2007 [This ban shall also not apply on poultry origin hydrolyzed protein (protein meal), blood meal, poultry fat, poultry liver meal, meat and bone meals (raw material originating 100% from by-products from poultry sl SRO 0187(I)/2008 28-02-2008
Amendment in Export Policy Order 2007 [In the aforesaid Order, in Appendix-G, against S.No. 1065, in column (1), in column (3), after the word ?route? the words and figures ?and short staple cotton of 0.5 million bales via land route through Wagah bo SRO 0073(I)/2008 22-01-2008
MPCEPA Determination of Origin of Goods Rules, 2007 SRO 1205(I)/2007 11-12-2007
Designation of TDAP to issue Certificate of Origin for exports to Malaysia under the FTA (MPCEPA) SRO 1206(I)/2007 11-12-2007