Telephone Directory


Spokesperson for Ministry of Commerce:
Designation Additional Secretary (Trade Diplomacy)
Address Room No. 502, 5th Floor, Block-A, Pak. Sectt., Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Telephone:+92-51-9202621
Cell No.:0333-5594045
Fax No.:+92-51-9205241/9208691
Deputy Spokesperson for Ministry of Commerce:
Name Mr. Muhammad Ashraf
Designation Director General
Address Room No. 516, 5th Floor, Block-A, Pak. Sectt., Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Telphone:+92-51-9201112
Cell No.:+92-300-8846622
Fax No.:+92-51-9205241
Deputy Focal Person for Ministry of Commerce:
Name Dr. Nazim Latif
Designation Joint Secretary
Address Room No. 424, 4th Floor, Block-A, Pak. Sectt., Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Telphone:+92-51-9204326
Cell No.:+92-321-5336699
Fax No.:+92-51-9205241
Focal Persons to deal cases with Wafaqi Mohtasib:
1. Name: Mr. Qamar Zaman
Designation Director (HR & CP)
Address Room No. 507, 5th Floor, Block-A, Pak. Sectt., Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Telphone: +92-51-9203024
2. Name Mr. Aamir Sharif
Designation Database Administrator
Address Room No. 421, 4th Floor, Block-A, Pak. Sectt., Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Telphone: +92-51-9208692
Focal Person for National Task Force on Human Rights:
Designation Joint Secretary (Admin & HR)
Address Room No. 416, 4th Floor, Block-A, Pak. Sectt., Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Telphone: +92-51-9201858
Fax No.: +92-51-9201570
Focal Person for Parliamentry Business:
Designation Joint Secretary (Admin & HR)
Address Room No. 416, 4th Floor, Block-A, Pak. Sectt., Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact Telphone: +92-51-9201858
Cell No.:0331-5588786
Fax No.: +92-51-9201570
Feedback and Suggestions:
Please send your feedback, complaints, queries and suggestions to email address
Location: Block-A, Pak-Secretariat, Islamabad
Fax # +92-51-9205241
C.R. Section:
Address Room # 322, Block-A, Pak-Secretariat, Islamabad.
Telephone #: +92-51-9205708

Name (*)

Designation (*)

Phone / Fax

 Mr. Mohammad Pervaiz Malik Federal Minister for Commerce
Mr. Ahsan Riaz Chaudhary Director, Commerce Minister’s Office


Mr. Naseer Ahmed Senior PS to Minister

Fax: +92-51-9208739

Mr. Taimur Khan PRO to Commerce Minister



Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha Secretary Commerce

Fax: +92-51-9203104

Mr. Muhammad Usman Chatta Staff Officer to Secretary Commerce

Fax: +92-51-9201911

Mr. Ghulam Rasool APS to Secretary Commerce



Mian Najeeb-ud-Din Awaisi Parliamentary Secretary

Fax: +92-51-9216537

Mr. Muhammad Bakhsh Jumani PS to Parliamentary Secretary

Fax: +92-51-9216537


Dr. Nazim Latif Additional Secretary (Policy & Administration)

Fax: +92-51-9203614

Mr. Safir Muhammad Abbasi PS to Additional Secretary (Policy & Administration)

Fax: +92-51-9203614


Mrs. Anjum Assad Amin Additional Secretary (Trade Diplomacy)

Fax: +92-51-9206538

Mr. Faisal Ilyas PS to Additional Secretary (Trade Diplomacy)

Fax: +92-51-9206538


Dr. Safdar Ali Sohail Executive Director General (Domestic Commerce, Services, Trade & Donor Coordination)

Fax: +92-51-9202257

Mr. Mahmood Masood PS to Executive Director General (Domestic Commerce, Services, Trade and Donor Coordination)

Fax: +92-51-9202257


Dr. Nazim Latif Joint Secretary (Admin & HR)

Fax: +92-51-9201570

Mr. Laiq Daraz Khan Deputy Secretary (Admin & Finance)

Fax: +92-51-9103869

Mr. Suhail Ahmed Section Officer (General Admin)


Mr. Abdul Jabbar Baloch Section Officer (Budget & Finance)


Mr. Muhammad Usman Ghani Section Officer (Accounts/Admin-V)


Mr. Yasir Arfat Assistant Accounts Officer (Accounts/Audit)


Vacant Assistant Accounts Officer (Budget)
Mr. Qamar Zaman Director (HR & Career Planning)


Ms. Fozia Hussain Deputy Director (MoC)


Mr. Yasir Arafat Assistant Accounts Officer (HR/Pension)


Vacant Deputy Director (CTG)


Mr. Salman Jamil Deputy Director (Attached Organizations)


Mr. Aamir Sharif Network/System/Database Administrator


Mr. Naseer Ahmed Deputy Secretary (Trade Officers)


Mr. Zafar Feroze Section Officer TO-I (Asia & Oceania)


Mr. Biradar Khan Section Officer TO-II (Europe, America & Africa)


Mr. Taj Muhammad Deputy Secretary (Insurance & Coordination)


Mr. Mumtaz Khan Section Officer (Council)


Mr. Muhammad Asad Mehmood Section Officer (Insurance)


Mr. Ata Muhammad Iqbal Ansari Section Officer (Legal)



Mr. Taimoor Tajammal Joint Secretary (FT-I)


Vacant Deputy Secretary (South & East Asia)
Mr. Ali Rasul Section Officer (China)
Mr. Jabbar Touqir Section Officer (South Asia)


Vacant Deputy Chief (CPEC)


Vacant Assistant Chief (East & South Asia)
Mr. Shafiq A. Shahzad Deputy Secretary (Asia Pacific)


Mr. Majid Hussain Memon Assistant Chief (CARs, ECO & Eurasia)


Mr. Muhammad Zubair Section Officer (AP-IV/CPEC)


Mr. Mohammad Ali Sangi Section Officer (AP-II)  +92-51-9205223


Mr. Bilal Khan Pasha Joint Secretary (FT-II)


Ms. Maria Kazi Deputy Secretary (FT-II)


Ms. Aemen Javairia Section Officer (Middle East)


Ms. Nosheen Imtiaz Section Officer (Africa)


Vacant Research Officer


Vacant Joint Secretary (FT-III)

        +92-51-9206353   Fax: +92-51-9206353

Mr. Ahmed Fasih Deputy Secretary (Europe)


Ms. Shaista Bunyad Section Officer (EU-I)


Mr. Ali Qayyum Raja Section Officer (EU-II)


Vacant Assistant Chief (Europe)
Mr. Zahid Hussain Abbasi Deputy Secretary (America)


Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Gill Section Officer (North America)


Mr. Muhammad Asad Section Officer (Latin America)


Vacant Research Officer (America)


Mr. Usman Sarosh Alvi Joint Secretary (Imports)

        +92-51-9203999   Fax: +92-51-9208691

Vacant Deputy Secretary (Imports)


Mirza Haseeb Baig Section Officer (Imports-I)


Mr. Samroon George Section Officer (Imports-II)


Mr. Samroon George Section Officer (Imports-III)


Mr. Atiq-Ur-Rehman Chief (Development)


Ms. Shaheen Viqar Deputy Chief (PSDP)


Mr. Qaseem A. Subhani Assistant Chief (PSDP)


Mr. Afzal Raza Assistant Chief (Stats)


Mr. Faiz Hussain Bhatti Statistical Officer



Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Director General (Trade Policy)


Mr. Abdul Salam Shah Director (Policy & Coord)


Ms. Nosheen Imtiaz Deputy Director (Policy)


Vacant Research Officer (Coord)
Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Yousfi Deputy Chief (Monitoring & Implementation)


Mr. Abdul Razaq Section Officer (Monitoring & Implementation)


Mr. Altaf Hussain Maitlo Assistant Chief (TP)


Syeda Kulsume Hai Deputy Secretary (Exports)


Mr. Muhammad Umer Saleem Bhatti Section Officer (Exports-I)


Mr. Samroon George Section Officer (Exports-II)



Vacant Joint Secretary (WTO)

        +92-51-9202107   Fax: +92-51-9213785

Mr. Rizwan-ul-Haq Deputy Secretary(WTO-I)


Mr. Muhammad Suleman Mehsud Deputy Director


Ms. Ambrina Bukhtiar Assistant Chief (WTO-I)


Vacant Section Officer (WTO-I)


Mr. Asif Farid Assistant Chief (WTO-II)


Mr. Shoaib Anwar Section Officer (WTO-II)


Mr. Amjad Zafar Research Officer (WTO-II)



Mr. Atiq ur Rehman Director General (Domestic Commerce)

        +92-51-9217909   Fax: +92-51-9217906

Mr. Asim Nawaz Tiwana Director (Domestic Commerce)


Mr. Ali Qayyum Raja Deputy Director (Domestic Commerce-I)


Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Deputy Director (Domestic Commerce-II)


Mr. Waqar Ahmad Shah Director General (Services Trade Development Council)
Ms. Maria Kazi Director (STDC)


Mr. Moazzam Ali Haider Deputy Director (STDC)


Ms. Serein Asad Assistant Director (STDC-I)


Mr. Abdul Raza Assistant Director (STDC-III)


Mr. Abdul Jabbar Baloch Assistant Director (STDC-II)


Mr. yousaf Rasool Assistant Director (STDC-IV)


Vacant Research Officer



Mr. Noman Aslam Shaikh Director General (Trade in Services)
Mr. Naseer Ahmed Director (TIS)


Vacant Deputy Director (TIS-I)
Vacant Deputy Director (TIS-II)


Vacant Communication Specialist